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ABOUT US – An introduction of Delhi Police Enquiry

Welcome to Delhi Police Enquiry website.


My name is Sita Chaudhary .

delhi police enquiry, delhi police website, online delhi police


  •  I am a writer & blogger.
  • This website is developed by me in public interest
  • I started this website after being told by my husband, Mr MANOJ KHATANA that I should write about Delhi Police because of my big dream in my childhood days, became an officer in the Police.
  •  We believe in having a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do.
  • Delhi Police is my love, passion and everything to me as my husband also an officer in Delhi police.
  • Whenever I want to write on police and feel some difficulties, my husband describes in detail and encourage me.

My mission is to:—

⇒ Help people online

⇒  Spread legal awareness.

⇒ Promotion of initiatives of Delhi police.

⇔ Fill the blank between police and public.

⇒  I want to increase the faith of every person in Delhi Police because he is uninvolved with police

According to citizen charter of Delhi Police, “Every Citizen is a policeman without uniform”.

If public understand the operation of Delhi police and co-operate the police. Delhi Police will be able to better its service deliveries. Delhi police will be coherent if you regular read our post on our website.

our another useful post is Introduction of Delhi police website

Let us know our Delhi police and put to good use of our police that is always with us

ABOUT Delhi police enquiry

  • A place to find online information about Delhi Police.
  •  This website is not an official website of Delhi police.
  • Delhi police enquiry is a social media platform.
  •  Its interest includes all useful information, news, and queries related to Delhi police.
  •  Current news related to Delhi police ,
  • Delhi Police Enquiry website provides Blog posts about all information relating to Delhi Police in Hindi and English.
  • We will tell you about Delhi police  website in detail,
  • Organisation structure will be understood
  • Telephone directory  of Delhi police is available on this website
  • History of Delhi police will be described.
  • Present and former commissioners of Delhi police,
  • About to Delhi police  headquarter,
  • Telephone numbers and e-mail id of Delhi police officers,
  • Apps of Delhi police as safety app for women “Himmat”, and other will be described


we will give all information step by step provided by Delhi police online


  1.  lost and found ,
  2. MV Theft E-FIR,
  3. Theft E-fir,
  4. police clearance certificate PCC,
  5. character verification reports CVR,
  6. online complaint lodging system for economic and cyber offences,
  7.  senior citizen.

  •   Services provided by Delhi police website

for missing children,

missing persons,

unidentified children found,

an unidentified person found,

unidentified dead bodies,

senior citizens registration,

stolen vehicle search,

unclaimed vehicle search,

missing /stolen mobile phones,

SMS services of Delhi police

SMS services of the traffic police,

guidelines/information in c/w passport verification,

most wanted,

Downloadable Forms as arms and other licensing related forms,

tenant verification form, servant verification form,

application form for FIR copy, form b police verification

Welfare , police families welfare society, initiatives.

police families welfare society, initiatives.

Many thanks for visiting my site, please feel free to contact me, if you so wish

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